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A Real Estate Pro’s Hair-Raising Adventure

My Life with Seven Furry Friends: A Real Estate Pro’s Hair-Raising Adventure

Hey there, fellow animal lovers! 🐾 Welcome to my world as a real estate pro, where I juggle a household filled with three senior dogs, one young pup, and three cats. It’s a constant episode of “Animal House” with a twist! So, grab a comfy seat and delve into the delightful chaos of my life as a pet parent and realtor extraordinaire.

A few nights ago, around 3:00 am, I was peacefully dozing when a commotion at the doggy door in my bedroom disrupted my slumber. Thinking one of our pets had taken a tumble, I rolled over and attempted to return to sleep. That’s when I heard our dogs scatter and an unusual growl from one of the cats. As I rose from bed, I heard a cat leaping onto my bathroom vanity, growling ferociously. I flicked on the light and came face-to-face with our 1-year-old gray cat, Ash, with black eyes, pinned-back ears, and hissing up a storm. He eventually crept under the bed, so I decided to address the situation in the morning while also conducting a Google search on “what causes sudden feral behavior in cats.”

The next morning I wake to find all three of my cats – including Ash – peeking at something growling beneath my bed. That’s when it hit me: the “feral” gray cat was NOT mine! I promptly opened my sliding door, and the guest cat made a hasty exit.

When I’m not brokering deals and assisting clients in finding their dream homes in sunny St. George, UT, I’m living my own version of a zoo-meets-designer-home reality show.

When you are searching for a real estate expert who understands the importance of finding a home where both you and your pets can thrive, reach out to me at @yourrescuerealtor.utah. I pledge to make your real estate journey as memorable and enjoyable as my adventures with my seven furry co-stars! 🏡🐶🐱🌟

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